July 3, 2024
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Best SEO Software For Agencies: Guide for 2024

Best SEO Software For Agencies

According to Winterberry Group’s white paper, 51.5% of marketers use an average of 10 tools in the marketing stack. Technologies grow and today we have many powerful AI-based solutions. Successful agencies follow these trends and adopt as many useful tools as possible.

SEO G.O.A.T.’s team has experience working with 100+ clients over the years, so we’ve built out a reliable tech stack for full-scale optimization. Read on to discover the best SEO tools for agencies in 2025.


We gathered the best SEO tools for digital agencies, depending on their features and capabilities. You’ll find tools for backlink analysis, performance tracking, keyword monitoring, client management, reporting, project analytics, and more. Most software comes with a free trial.

NameMain Features
1Ahrefs• #1 traffic and backlink analysis software;
• Great for keyword research and website audits.
2Google Search Console• Google’s top tool for tracking website performance;
• Provides insights into search queries, indexing status, and website health.
3SpySerp• #1 rank tracker tool for monitoring keyword positions with accurate and real-time data.
4Service Provider Pro• Best client portal software for growing agencies;
• Helps with client management, project tracking, and payments.
5ScreamingFrog• Best tool for technical SEO audits;
• Identifies broken links, duplicate content, and other issues.
6AgencyAnalytics• Powerful automated client reporting software;
• Creates detailed reports with integrated data from multiple SEO tools and data sources.
7Snov.io• #1 tool for email research and lead generation;
• Supports outreach campaigns for high-quality backlinks.
8Keyword Insights• Best keyword clustering tools;
• Implements AI to find and group keywords into topic-based clusters.
9GigRadar• Best B2B lead generation software on Upwork;
• Sends bids on new jobs within 15 minutes with cover letters that get high reply rates.
10ClickUp• Great task manager;
• Supports task management, time tracking, and team collaboration.
11Google Analytics• Full-scale project analytics solution;
• Tracks and analyzes website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates.
12Hellowriter• An AI writing tool that generates human-like text;
• Includes all features to write and edit high-quality content for any purpose.
13Surfer SEO• Best for creating SEO-optimized content based on competitor research;
• Provides data-driven recommendations for on-page optimization.
14SEO G.O.A.T.• Best white-label solution for link building;
• Provides industry analysis, placement selection, and content generation services.

Ahrefs: top SEO tools for agencies

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset that provides traffic and backlink analysis, keyword research, website audits, and competitor analysis. We prefer working with Ahrefs due to two main features:

  • Most reliable and accurate link data;
  • Great choice to gather keywords and evaluate websites.

Ahrefs never runs discounts and doesn’t provide free trials. It only allows website owners to get limited access to its Site Explorer and Site Audit features. 

Use caseBacklink analysis and keyword research.
Pricing• Lite: $129/month;
• Standard: $249/month;
• Advanced: $449/month;
• Enterprise: $14,990/year.
Free trialUnavailable.
AlternativesSemrush, SE Ranking, Moz, Serpstat.
Ahrefs: top SEO tools for agencies

Search Console: an essential technical SEO tool for agencies

Google Search Console is the leading tool for evaluating website performance. It displays technical errors, indexing status, and search query statistics. You can’t find a more reliable SEO tools that one provided by Google itself. We use the Search Console for these reasons:

  • Google’s official website performance tool;
  • Shows statistics and technical issues;
  • Helps us find pages for keyword optimization.

You can access the Google Search Console for free. All you should do is verify ownership of the website and you can start using the tool in your stack.

Use caseMonitoring and fixing technical issues. Optimizing pages.
Free trialN/A.
AlternativesBing Webmaster Tools.
Search Console: an essential technical SEO tool for agencies

SpySerp: powerful SEO tools for digital agencies

SpySerp is an advanced search engine rank tracker for agencies and SEO experts. It’s the best tool in the industry due to its accurate and real-time data. You’ll access the following features:

  • Rank tracking;
  • Keyword monitoring;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Backlink research.

It’s also necessary to note that you can track your website’s positions across certain geolocations, work within a convenient dashboard with multiple access levels for different team members, track volume for free, and get free keyword clustering. 

SpySerp provides a free plan for small-scale projects. It’s quite limited and you won’t get much use from it as an agency, so check out the paid version. The pricing is very reasonable.

Use caseAccurate keyword position tracking.
Pricing• $9/month for 10,000 keywords;
• $49/month for 100,000 keywords;
• $290/month for 1 million keywords;
• Custom pricing for large-scale agencies.
Free trialA free version is available.
AlternativesAccuRanker, SpyFu.
SpySerp: powerful SEO tools for digital agencies

Service Provider Pro: SEO management software for agencies

Service Provider Pro, also known as ssp.co, is the best client portal software for growing agencies. It offers a user-friendly dashboard for tracking clients, creating order forms, and managing projects efficiently. We like using this tool for the following reasons:

  • Convenient interface;
  • Significantly improves the workflow;
  • Supports invoices.

You can get a free 14-day trial with no credit card requited. After that, you’ll have to choose between a monthly and yearly plan. It’s recommended that you choose the annual plan because it gets significantly cheaper, saving around 10% of the costs.

Use caseManaging clients and projects.
Pricing• Basic: $129/month or $99/month annually;
• Pro: $299/month or $249/month annually;
• Plus: starting at $1,500/month.
Free trial14-day free trial.
AlternativesTrello, Zoho CRM.
Service Provider Pro: SEO management software for agencies

ScreamingFrog: best SEO software for agencies with a free trial

ScreamingFrog is the top tool for technical SEO audits. It identifies duplicate pages, meta descriptions, titles, and other technical SEO issues, ensuring your website is optimized for search engines. There also are many other capabilities for marketing, link building, and more. We prefer using this tool to:

  • Conduct full-scale technical audits;
  • Find duplicate content.

ScreamingFrog features a free version with limited features and only a 500 crawl limit. The paid version removes all limits. Here’s the best part: you pay only once per year. 

Use caseFull-scale technical SEO audits.
Pricing$259 per year.
Free trialA free version is available.
AlternativesAhrefs, Serpstat, Sitebulb.

AgencyAnalytics: SEO reporting tools for agencies

AgencyAnalytics automates client reporting. It is easily integrated with various SEO tools and data sources to create detailed reports. You’ll get a simplified reporting process, saving time and enhancing transparency with clients. Here’s why we like this tool:

  • Fast, detailed, and precise automated reports;
  • Saves a ton of time;
  • Visualizes our work’s value in a single dashboard.

You can get a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Then the solution will charge you monthly or annually depending on your choice. The annual plan will help you save a few dollars for other software, so don’t waste your money.

Use caseAutomated reporting software
Pricing• Freelancer: $79/month or $65/month annually;
• Agency: $179/month or $150/month annually;
• Premier: custom pricing.
Free trialA free version is available.
AlternativesSwydo, DashThis, TapClicks
AgencyAnalytics: SEO reporting tools for agencies


Snov.io is the best tool for email search and lead generation. It helps agencies with outreach campaigns by collecting websites and contacts, performing outreach, finding potential clients through lead finder features, and many other features. We use this tool to:

  • Conduct link building outreach;
  • Find webmaster contacts;
  • Find leads.

Snov.io provides a free trial with up to 50 credits. If you need more than that, you’ll have to switch to the paid versions with more capabilities. The pricing is quite adequate and gives you everything needed to find and contact websites for backlink placement.

We previously shared how to find competitor backlinks for free and with paid options. Check out the article to find the best websites for your outreach with ease. 

Use caseOutreach and lead generation.
Pricing• Starter: $39/month or $30/month annually;
• Pro: $99-738/month or $75-554/month annually;
• Managed service: starting at $3,999.month.
Free trialA free version is available.
AlternativesWoodpecker, Apollo.io, Instantly.

Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights is the best clustering tool with extensive settings and precise data. It helps agencies plan their content strategies by grouping keywords into topic-based clusters. Here’s why we love it:

  • Generates large clusters from a single keyword;
  • Categorizes keywords by intent;
  • Uses AI to help you with optimization, content brief creation, and more.

Keyword Insights offers multiple tools for free, but the clustering tool has only a $1 trial for 14 days. This will give you 6,000 clustering credits for the whole month. There’s also a “pay as you go” feature starting at $0.40 for 50 credits.

Use caseKeyword clustering.
Pricing• Basic: $58/month or $552/year;
• Professional: $145/month or $1392/year;
• Premium: $299/month or $2868/year.
Free trialA trial is available for $1.
AlternativesKeyword Cupid, ClusterAi, Zenbrief.
Keyword Insights

GigRadar: best UpWork Automation for SEO agencies

GigRadar is the best software for B2B lead generation on Upwork. It sends bids on new jobs within 10-15 minutes and writes hyper-targeted cover letters, proven to get higher reply rates than human-written or template ones. Here’s why we LOVE GigRadar:

  • Helps us find clients due to automated bidding;
  • Increases sales.
Use caseAutomate bidding and generate targeted leads on Upwork.
Pricing• Between $0.75 – $1.00 per proposal;  
• Minimum amount of monthly proposals = 400
Money-back guarantee• 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee;
• Onboard within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund within 7 days if the guarantee is not met: 7 leads in the first week of subscription.
GigRadar: best SEO software for agencies with a free trial


ClickUp is the best task manager. The tool is great for task management, time tracking, and collaboration. It’s an ideal choice for managing SEO campaigns and projects as it enhances productivity and efficiency. Here are some key features:

  • Task management;
  • Resource management;
  • Knowledge base building;
  • Collaboration;
  • Workflow automation, and more.

ClickUp provides a free version designed for personal use. However, agencies will need more capabilities than that. The best part: the pricing is very cheap.

Use caseTask management
Pricing• Unlimited: $10/month or $7/month annually;
• Business: $19/month or $12/month annually;
• Enterprise: custom pricing.
Free trialA free version is available for personal use.
AlternativesAsana, Notion.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides comprehensive project analytics, tracking and analyzing website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates. It’s essential for making data-driven SEO decisions. We use it for:

  • Traffic monitoring.

The tool is available for free, just like all other Google’s SEO solutions. 

Use caseTraffic monitoring
Free trialN/A.
AlternativesMatomo, Adobe Analytics
Google Analytics


Hellowriter is an AI writing tool that helps agencies produce high-quality SEO content. It can easily adapt to any kind of text format. You can generate YouTube headlines, content summaries, brand missions, keywords, and anything that’s text-related. We use it for:

  • Fast and reliable content generation;
  • Brainstorming and idea generation.

Hellowriter’s free trial gives you 10,000 credits to start your writing. You’ll have to upgrade your plan to get access to an unlimited number of credits for non-step agency work.

Use caseContent generation.
Pricing• Starter: $19/month or $15/month annually;
• Pro: $49/month or $39/month annually.
Free trialA free trial for 10,000 credits is available.
AlternativesChatGPT, Jasper, Copy.ai.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool designed to create SEO-optimized content outlines based on your competitors. It analyzes their articles and helps you generate recommendations for on-page optimization, ensuring you create content that’s better than the #1 ranking websites. We use it to:

  • Create content outlines;
  • Generate technical tasks for writers.

You can get a 7-day free trial to test the tool’s capabilities for your agency. However, you’ll need the paid plans and maybe even some add-ons for full-scale work.

Use caseOutline and technical task generation.
Pricing• Essential: $89/month or $69/month annually;
• Scale: $129/month or $99/month annually;
• Scale AI: $219/month or $179/month annually;
• Enterprise: custom pricing.
Free trialA free 7-day trial is available.
Surfer SEO

Partner with SEO G.O.A.T. for White-Label Solutions

SEO G.O.A.T. is your reliable white-label link building agency. We can support your work with:

  • Effective link building strategies;
  • High-quality backlinks;
  • Market research and industry analysis;
  • Content generation, and more.

We provide a convenient dashboard that’s great for reporting and monitoring your results. Our services start at $79 and you can get discounts for bulk orders. Let’s team up today to improve your agency’s service offers. It’s a win-win collaboration for both parties.


  • Why are SEO tools necessary?
    • SEO tools are the backbone of any agency. They help them build strategies, identify issues, monitor progress, and conduct their daily activities. You can’t work on SEO without software!
  • What is the best SEO software?
    • No software can be named “the best” for SEO. Each activity requires a separate solution for your work. For example, Ahrefs is perfect for monitoring traffic data and SEO G.O.A.T. is great for getting high-quality backlinks.
  • Are SEO tools expensive?
    • It depends on the tools you use. The pricing is usually affordable for working agencies, ranging from $50 to $300 per month. You also get discounts and promotions for purchasing annual plans in most services.
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