April 15, 2024
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5 Best Local Link Building Tactics for Website Growth

Local Link Building Strategies

According to Google, global search interest in “open now near me” has been a leading trend for quite a while. People need local businesses for all needs: sports, shopping, eating, and more. So if you plan to reach out to local consumers, you must dominate the search rankings with local backlinks.

100% of local SEO experts consider link building a top priority for local business clients. Why? The answer is obvious: local keywords are the best way to promote a business in a certain region. Let’s check out the most effective local link building strategies to boost your rankings.

What is Local Link Building?

Local link building is an SEO strategy focusing on getting backlinks related to certain cities, regions, and locations. It’s an effective method to increase visibility for local businesses with a physical location and a regional customer base. However, using it requires certain expertise.

Local Link Building vs Traditional Link Building

There’s one key difference: geographic focus. Traditional link building focuses on a certain niche and a global audience, while local SEO link building is tied to a certain area. Here’s a more detailed comparison.

Geographic FocusAimed at cities and regions.Aimed at countries and the whole world.
Objective and ImpactEnhancing local rankings and traffic for restaurants, shops, and service providers.Enhancing global rankings and awareness for e-commerce, IT, and other businesses.
Community ConnectionFocuses on building trust and a strong connection with people, supporting local events, and partnering with local businesses.Focuses on getting high-authority endorsements from well-known websites.
StrategiesBusiness directories, reviews, guides, and more.Content marketing, guest posts, industry influencers.

Top 5 Strategies for Building Local Backlinks

Our team gathered the best strategies based on our experience to help your website dominate the local market with high-quality backlinks. 

1. Using Travel and Review Websites

76% of consumers frequently read online reviews when looking for local businesses and many search for high start ratings. That’s why you need positive reviews on all possible platforms: Google Maps, Booking, Facebook, Tripadvisor, and many others.

For example, here’s a list of the 10 best restaurants in Kyiv made by Tripadvisor. Each restaurant has a backlink to its website, customer reviews, contact details, and menus listed on the platform. Consumers get all the information they need while businesses get a backlink from a high-authority resource.

Here’s a video that shows how to add your business on Tripadvisor:

Remember to prompt customers to leave reviews:

  1. Make it easy to leave reviews by adding QR codes or sending direct links.
  2. Offer bonuses and discounts for leaving a review.
  3. Highlight reviews on your social media for User Generated Content.

Each review will help your business rank higher and increase its rating, showing the platforms that it’s an active and working place frequently visited by people.

2. Holding Events and Promotions

Holding events is a great way to increase brand awareness and attract local news to highlight your business. If you’re a sports business, you could host a competition in your area and get local news websites to share the information about the event. This usually includes adding a backlink to your announcement.

Here’s a list of what you could do to get PR links for local SEO:

  • Hosting contents;
  • Sponsoring local teams;
  • Running workshops;
  • Hosting fundraisers;
  • Offering free product demos and seasonal discounts.

Remember that you’ll have to advertise all your activities for maximum coverage. This includes adding your brand’s logo to posters, partnering with local papers and radio channels, and highlighting the event on all social media. 

3. Getting Listed in Local Business Directories

94% of consumers used a business information website to research local businesses in 2021. People indicated they used Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram to find detailed business information online. The best part is that local directories often include links to your websites and social media.

Here are some resources where you should try getting listed:

  • Google Business Profile;
  • Yelp;
  • Facebook;
  • Tripadvisor;
  • Foursquare;
  • Better Business Bureau;
  • Bing Places for Business.

While each directory has its own benefits for SEO and specifics, creating a Google Business Profile is the golden standard for any business with a physical location. This will allow you to place your company on Google Maps and be highlighted among the top search results. Check out how to create a profile below.

4. Find Unlinked Brand Mentions

People likely wrote something about you online if you’ve been around the market for a while. These will frequently be unlinked brand mentions that don’t impact your website’s backlink profile. This must be fixed.

You can use tools like BrandMentions to find unlinked brand mentions on the web. These could be websites or social media, both presenting a perfect opportunity to get a link.

Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  1. Find an unlinked brand mention.
  2. Identify the contacts of the resource’s owner.
  3. Reach out to the owner with a message or an email.
  4. Discuss the terms of placing a backlink.

Usually, you could get a link for free depending on your negotiation skills. Some people might ask for payment or a mutual benefit in return. In both cases, it’s a useful way to improve your backlink portfolio.

5. Create Local Guides

Local guides are categorized as linkable assets shared among travelers, bloggers, and local people. They are often used to create listings formatted as “Top 10 best restaurants in Hawaii”, gathering the most popular businesses across various areas.

Here’s what you could do:

  • Make guides to local restaurants, sports centers, services, and shops;
  • Create a searchable map of local attractions;
  • Build a calendar of local events;
  • Publish local statistics.

While you might think that people will find and repost your information organically, this isn’t a reliable option. You’ll have to promote these guides and resources among bloggers and local publications for maximum engagement. 

If your guides are of high value and feature other businesses, they might share the resource with a backlink for free. However, it’s common for companies to pay local websites to publish a guest post with a link.

3 Best Local Link Building Services

If you’re looking for a reliable local SEO link building company, we gathered the best agencies on the web with positive reviews and successful case studies. Check them out below.

1. SEO G.O.A.T.

SEO G.O.A.T. is your reliable local link building service with many successful case studies and an average rating of 4.9/5 on Clutch. We specialize in creating customized strategies and providing high-quality backlinks from guest posts for local businesses. You’ll get improved domain authority and website rankings in no time.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 20% discount on your first order;
  • Detailed reporting in your personal dashboard;
  • Affordable costs for high-quality backlinks;
  • Popular payment methods including PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

2. Loopex Digital

Loopex Digital focuses on innovative local digital marketing strategies. Their services include professional SEO services and local link building, supporting their clients with effective outreach approaches. The company has an average rating of 5/5 on Clutch.

3. ZipSprout

ZipSprout matches local businesses with local sponsorship opportunities, supporting businesses and non-profit organizations. Their services are a good choice if you’re looking forward to enhancing your local presence through events and sponsorships.


Using local link building is an essential component of your regional SEO strategy. It helps you increase your company’s visibility, get more local traffic, and build a stronger bond with your community. You’ll have to partner with a reliable team like SEO G.O.A.T. to place backlinks to your website on well-known websites and directories, allowing you to get guaranteed results.


  • Why is local link building important?
    • Local link building is important for local businesses to get highlighted in their regions. Google and other search engines consider the user’s position when showing search results, so more local mentions will help you rank higher.
  • What are the best ways to get local backlinks?
    • Using business directories, review websites, and Google Business Profile are the most effective ways of acquiring local backlinks. You can also use guest posts on other local websites related to your area, increasing your backlink profile.
  • Are business directories reliable for backlinks?
    • Yes, business directories are among the best options to get high-quality links. They often include customer reviews and detailed business information, allowing you to promote your company even more.
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